"Please liquidate on Each Floor" by Rob
Tuesday, January 17, 2006 at 9:24 PM

Whew...these are the days that try mens souls.

Now that I've cramped my wrist playing Guitar Hero tonight,I'm gonna try to put some of my toys away...and organise them...no small task for those of you who know how many I actually have. You see, when FAO Shwartz wants display toys , they come see me. And God help me if the Macross crew ever decides to mutiny in the middle of the night. They could just drop the SDF1 on my head and be done with it.

I used to think about that sometimes. If all the toys in my room came to life at some point....had intelligence and did damage to scale with what they were size-wise...

...I'd never make it out the door before they killed me.

Reminds me, need to make a new DTT! ^_^

Resistance is FUTILE!!

Neo-Vader III

'Just my luck to get a heavy calendar ...' by Kara
Tuesday, January 17, 2006 at 8:15 AM

The Co-Writer with the Longest Hair really likes Bael - that's all I can say. But he's actually become kinda fun for me to draw. He was something of a hassle on his first page, but he's Bael; he's never gonna make anything easy for anyone. I'd slap him and tell him to behave himself, but 1. he could (send several large guards to) kick my arse, and 2. he isn't real.

I like his earring. I'm gonna see if my aunt can be persuaded to make it. (Not for me - for any guys reading who might want it. Maybe to sell at my table at some con. You can't deny it's pretty badass.) Also, the Co-Writer with the Bluest Liver has admitted that, if she actually worked for him a la her cameo, she'd have a thing for him. (And now she's gonna come over to my flat and stab me with a Leatherman.)

Today's thrill? Hugh Laurie (House) won a Golden Globe last night. He was really the only nominee I really cared much about (everything else was clearly going to the gay cowboys eating pudding). I was assuming Kiefer would get it - guessing Kiefer, cheering for Hugh. I occasionally enjoy being wrong.

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