"...and my breathing goes clump clump clump ba duhm bum bandadadad yeah baby that's james brown style " by Rob
Thursday, January 19, 2006 at 6:02 PM

Don't let my nerotic artists rantings fool you, I am prepaired for this.

She just THINKS she needs a script. ^_^

So yeah...it IS a con weekend, but I'm prepaired..I think. Lots to do...not enough time. Pressures really on to perform this Friday and Saturday, though not in much different a way than I'm really used to.

Just need to do it with other people....most of whom Ive never met...or worked with....or even know the names of...

Ok..so I AM screwed!

I also have to rememebr to bring my rubber hand....

....Don't ask.

Resistance is FUTILE!!

Neo-Vader III

'Your soul is pink?' 'Well ... at the moment.' by Kara
Thursday, January 19, 2006 at 7:03 AM

Ahhhhh ... FREAK OUT!

Freakout #1: There's a con this weekend, isn't there? Dear God. I've got lines to memorise (thank God for rehearsal CDs). At the very least, this con is so close - up the road, even - that I don't actually have to go anywhere, and if b. comes to w., I can go home and take care of anything that needs taking care of (like grabbing a swimsuit for this rumoured hot tub). Still, there's a con starting tomorrow, and I'm pretty sure there's stuff I need to do.

Freakout #2: They've moved up a bunch of my deadlines at work, so I'm rushing to take care of them. Fortunately for me, those fall within the 9-5 range of the day, so they aren't going to prevent me from sleeping or looking after stuff at home. Still, these things are stalking through my schedule like giant ... stalking things.

Freakout #3: I can't put on my new wig without outside help.

Freakout #4: I need another Kali script, stat. Chouberi stat. Or else I'm gonna make shit up. ♥

Freakout #5: We're slipping in the polls! Fix it, fix it!!!

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