Gwen Stanton/Kalibourne: Gwen is a typical 22-year-old college student majoring in ... Fine Arts. Unfortunately for her, it's not very useful to her right now, as her job in the 'Mokia' phone booth at the local mall demonstrates. Having led a somewhat dull existence up until she meets Taliesin, she's rather surprised when she finds out that she's actually the 'Princess of the Universe' and a prophesied hero who will save the galaxy someday. Sort of. At least, that was the plan ...
Taliesin Silvanus: An alien emissary from the star system Omega-Adelphinus, he's here on earth for one purpose: to find and train the 'Princess of the Universe,' a prophesied hero who is supposed to end a terrible and destructive conflict. The only problem is, his intelligence was miscalculated due to the space-time ripples in his transponder, and his sense of 'blending' is off by about thirty years. Oh, well ...

Amano Reika: Age 19. A Japanese student studying law in the US, she rooms with Gwen at the Jefferson Institute. An avid Kyudo practitioner, she is not only the captain of her varsity team, but also a straight-A student. Nice to everyone, Reika can't help but be loved by all. She's also sympathetic to Gwen's troubles, but never seems to be around when she really needs her. Something mysterious lingers about her ... but you can't quite put your finger on it ...
Janice Barenton: Janice is Gwen's only friend and confidante at the Coggeshall Mall. Even though she's the same age, she never went to college like Gwen - so now she's stuck in a dead-end job at the food court. The 'Hen House' is not prone to advancement. Bitter to the point of amazing even Gwen, Janice is the voice of reason in an unreasonable time for our hero. Providing her much-needed advice and (more importantly) food, Janice is the only person Gwen can rely on to be there when she needs her.

Sam Adams: Sam's your typical ten-year-old in today's society. There's only one parent (mother) who takes care of Sam as much as possible, but when she can't, Gwen will do. Not one to be told what to do, Sam practices making Gwen's life miserable by getting into as much trouble as possible when she's babysitting. The aforementioned mother, Ms. Adams, is a nice woman who just wants to find a replacement for her long-deceased husband. It's tough being a single mother today - but Sam makes it even tougher. Sam's favourite, show, 'Black Kamen,' provides a lot of inspiration for assorted outlandish costumes and dangerous stunts. Sam likes black licorice and blowing up Hot Wheels with M-80s.
Terrence Bael: Wealthy to the point of excess, Terrence (or Mr. Bael as he's used to being called) heads the monumentally sucessful T.B. Enterprises. Everyone has their dark little secrets, though, and he's no exception. Respected by his peers and feared by his subordinates, Bael rules the world of commerce and even pulls serious weight in the political world. Apparently, he's looking for something ... or someone ...

Arthur Hailey: Every student has a favourite professor, and this is Gwen's. Intelligent, sarcastic, amicable, and -- most importantly -- tenured, Arthur is one of the few things about the Jefferson Institute that doesn't make Gwen's life more difficult. Arthur is the only medievalist the college has, and takes his job very seriously, offering extra lectures to interested students ... one of which inadvertently gave our heroine her command word. The one downside to taking a class with him is that he's always late grading papers and tests. Maybe he's scatterbrained ... or maybe something else is taking up his spare time.

Marduke: When size really does matter, Marduke's about as big as they come. The muscle in the group of Bael's henchmen, Mardukecomes in at over 12 feet tall and over 800 pounds! Capable of squashing most people with his bare hands, he's a force to be reckoned with. Most would think he's quite dumb due to his size, and while not as intelligent as the other two, his tactics in battle have kept him alive and in Bael's service for quite some time. Truly ... a demon on the battlefield.
Unicron: Quite simply Bael's 'right hand,' Unicron is Bael's 'cleaner' ... and we're not just talking about after the incident at the office. Unicron has some unique abilities that allow passage into even the most secure facilities. Bael trusts Unicron with the things he can't in his other minions, and when he's not around ... Unicron is in charge. Apparently there's a bit more than master-and-subordinate status to them, as well. Unicron is most definitely the piercing horn in the side of our heroes.

Cyclops: Bitter and sharp-tongued, Cyclops is the true Yin to Marduke's Yang. Her third eye encases powers that we can't even imagine, and her ability to seemingly manipulate spirits and shadow means she can be dangerously sneaky, striking from wherever and whenever she needs to. Her ever-constant companion, Macro-chan, is a large spider that seems empathetic with her. The two of them together are a frightening visage ... a large black spider and a chillingly creepy child. When she does open her eyes ... run.

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