"You did it, and almost without any Pants!" by Rob
Tuesday, January 3, 2006 at 8:24 PM

"Happy birthday!"

At least, if I was Frosty that's what I'd say. Welcome to Kalibourne.It's been a long time in coming but now it's finaly arrived. Hope you like it and have as much fun with it as we have had bringing it to you.

The past few days have been quite a roller coaster, My best friend had the coolest wedding I've ever had the pleasure of attending, I've recieved bad news *thats for me, shoo!* thats made me reconsider a few things about my life and the comic's FINALY started! Now I have somewhere to vent my creative side.

Feedback please...if not in mail form at least on the forums to the left...*points*...it's not that scary...I think...

Oh...and check the link to DTT...i think you'll get a kick out of it.

With that, I think I'll sign my rants with my alter Ego...

Resistance is FUTILE!

Neo-Vader III

'I want my own continuity someday. A purple one.' by Kara
Tuesday, January 3, 2006 at 9:30 AM

Waugh ... here it is. All big and shiny and, erm, starting. It's gonna be an interesting ride, I'll say that much.

For my regular readers on ConScrew, Sticky Wicket, and Blacklight, you'll prolly notice a couple changes to my regular format.

1. Larger page layout. My usual layout is 5"x8". I'm now doing 127mm x 189mm, which is the 'industry standard.' (I won't be changing this on the other comics, seeing as how I've either done a bunch in 5x8 or already have one volume printed in that size.)

2. Also, no border. I only started doing the border because a previous publisher requested it. Don't know yet if I'll be losing it in the other comics. Certainly not Wicket, since it's only a couple weeks from being done.

3. A more manga-like layout. What a concept. Because I don't want it to be as rigid as it was. This is something I'll definitely be changing in ConScrew and Blacklight - for actual storyline stuff, anyway. I'll be playing more with open panels and the like once we're out of the exposition and things that sort of need to be self-contained.

4. Trying to make it look better. My success or failure at that is really mostly up to the readers.

For newcomers - yes, I do four comics. Technically five (I do one every few months for Nth Degree). No, I don't get paid save for donations and book sales. Yes, I work forty a week. Don't ask how - no one can figure it out. I just like doing it.

Enough of me. We'll see if the Co-Writer with the Longest Hair decides to rant later. Tonikaku, happy birthday to Kalibourne.

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