'Can I be your mom?' by Kara
Tuesday, January 10, 2006 at 8:01 AM

This page and I fought. A lot. We finally came to a mutual understanding. Ish. Either way, poor Selina.

Sometime this weekend I want to start putting up the tech specs. At the very least, I want to put together a wireframe (or something) of Selina 6. Or at least try. What I'll most likely do is put the picture and the specs into one 'card' (i.e., image file), to make 'em easier to move around, possibly display elsewhere, etc. Have to come up with a consisten template, in that case.

Oh, look. Incentive art. What do you do? You click the voting link, and when your vote goes through (provided you haven't voted already today), you get a cool picture. I'll change this basically whenever I come up with a new one. But you ain't gonna get this pic anywhere else. When it's gone, it's gone. (Well, not gone gone - we'll still have it. On the bizarre off chance that Unseen is crazy enough to let me do an artbook, I may stick a bunch of 'em in there.) We're holding steady in the 70s now, which means actual competition.

Tuesday night is sushi night, for those who know me. I work through lunch, leave an hour early to dodge the Jefferson Ave. traffic, meet two buddies for sushi, then go back to their place and watch House. I am a shameless House fangirl, but unlike the majority of the fanbase, it's not because I'm squealy over the 'hawt guyz.' I actually like the plot and characterisation. I mean, fancy! Being attracted by good writing? Surely not!

... and seeing as my rants tend to be four times as long as my co-writer's, I b'lieve it's time to wrap up. If you have been, be quieter.

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