"What? You mean the one with the Dwarf, the goat, and the jar of peanut butter?" by Rob
Sunday, January 8, 2006 at 12:34 PM

Probably for the best that my plans for the weekend fell through. I've been nursing a cold (more like fighting it off with a stick)and it seems it wanted to flare up again...so here I am with the worst runny nose I've had in a long time. Oh well.....

DTT will update soon...as soon as I can put some new toys up on shelves and into my collection...heh...can you say 'J Ark' boys and girls...I knew you could.

Resistance is FUTILE!

Neo-Vader III

'She's a rich Jewish heiress ... he's an Atlantic bottlenose dolphin ... together, they fight crime!' by Kara
Saturday, January 7, 2006 at 8:32 AM

Dang, guys. We're 85 (at the time of this posting). You rock the hamster of God. No, seriously. I've seen you do it. If you keep this up, I'm gonna have to do actual work. What the hell, man.

Today's a bit on the busy side. I'm getting a couple new pieces of furniture from my weird uncle in, erm, about an hour and a half. Seeing as my telly's been on crates since I moved in a little under a year ago, I think it's time for an actual cabinet for it. You think?

Also, QCing some stuff for Anime-Classic, which some of you know I do. Da-Garn and Sexy Commando, if you must know. I'm amazed I have time for a social life right now. Arguably, I don't, but I suppose that's in the e. of the b.

The last day of double-comic postings will, for certain, be the 24th of this month. If my plans to hop ahead on everything don't fall through (they will, but if they don't), I should get to a point where I don't really notice it.

Expect that voting incentive art today. Also expect me to get rid of the Hiru banner.

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