"Did you like the part where everybody dies? Since it's Tomino I mean..." by Rob
Thursday, February 23, 2006 at 5:24 PM

Ahhh...Alka-seltzer cold and I are gooood buddies right now. I apparently have not immunized myself enough to escape the one curse of Katsu con.

The Katsu-Plauge.

Allow me to explain.

Ever since the first Katsu, there's been a history of illness associated with and after Katsu. So much so that the first year I was actually saying goodbye to people from my Bed! Year after year I either get it or don't...about 50/50 shot after that first one. I think it has to do with the time of year and tempuratures in VA that drive bacteria wild. Lots of people get sick at Katsu. Lots. This year I thought I had just worked my voice too much and was letting my throat repair itself (I sound like a frog with a Kazoo stuck in his throat right now) but once the aches and fever set in...I knew I was tagged. Gongrats Katsu...you win...this time.

Oh well, small price to pay for last weekend.

And she's not joking about Dendoh...get on it Kids....I'll even offer up...em...ur...well, If I had soemthing to offer I would..but since I'm not an artist it makes it difficult.

A pat on the back perhaps and my eternal gratitude?

I'm gonna go pass out. Night.

Resistance of the Cold is FUTILE!!!

Neo-Vader III

'Who'd you have to sleep with to get a Will Knife?' by Kara
Thursday, February 23, 2006 at 8:25 AM

Be sure to follow the Three-Comic Pileup. Fragile Gravity features another guest by me (and there will be another on Saturday) adding onto the ConScrew continuity ... and go to Bassetville for even more.

Oh, yeah. Someone finally got the trivia. The most accurate Arthurian film ever made is, in fact, Monty Python and the Holy Grail. Seriously. I could go into the whats and whys of that, but I've already started talking about them on the forum ... so I guess you'll just have to go there. NOW.

So, it's time for a new trivia question. And it's about Lancelot, as much as I hate him. Here 'tis: where did Lancelot live before coming to Camelot? And here I'm not talking about a country. I'm talking about a dwelling, or the semi-specific location of that dwelling. Sort of thing.

Here's your one hint: if you know whose son he is, it's almost a given.

Recommended book I mentioned on the forum: The Discarded Image by C.S. Lewis. Well, they're his lectures compiled by his students, apparently. If you ever want to know how the screwy medieval mind worked, here you go.

Also, time for a ... scavenger hunt!!! Whoever completes it first gets a free (non-hentai) commission. Here we go: find and send me the full karaoke of 'W-Infinity' from GEAR Fighter Dendoh. Not the actual track - not the actual track you've run through a 'vocal track remover' - and not one of the two individual ones with only one track removed. And not a link where I can buy it, either. The full blank instrumental, as an mp3 or other such file.

There. You've got two bits of homework to take care of. Get on it. If you have been, cover your eyes.

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