"Ewwww...! That's not what Caboose said!" by Rob
Tuesday, February 21, 2006 at 9:58 PM

Okay...now that I've had some time to recover from Katsucon....I'm gonna go over the higlights. In my humble opinion...and at the risk of incurring the wrath of my artist, .....best Katsucon Ever. Sure there were problems, all cons have them. But in this case it was simply the good outweighing the bad....by a lot! Let's do Bad thing, Good thing to demonstrate shall we?

Bad thing- Traveling to the con via subway. It's tough parking the FC at Ginos house and riding the metro laiden down with luggage.Twice. In rush hour.I'm used to having the car to load and unload stuff into. Especialy on sunday.

Good thing- Didn't have to pay the retarded price of about 30 bucks a night to park the FC at the hotel.

Bad thing- hotel room price. 300 dollars for two nights is highway robbery.Despite how posh it is....and 5 bucks for bottled water? Comon!?

Good thing- Splitting said huge...HUGE, room four ways lessens the blow.Also helps that I didn't spend too much in the dealers room.

Bad thing-Missing the concert on friday due to the fact that I DIDN'T KNOW IT WAS HAPPENIGH THEN! No advertising!

Good thing- Seeing sundays repeat perfomance. Cutey honey, Gao Ranger, Lupin III , Dai Ranger...just some of the higlights from the show...front and center baby!

Bad thing-Only being able to wear 'Jack' for friday at the con.

Good thing- 'Jigen' was an even better hit that I though he'd be. Never had so many compliments for such a simple costume. "Best Jigen Ever" was even heard. Must have been the real beard.

Bad thing-Co-hosting a panel with a man who thought there was a 'dry-spell' in the 80's for Super Robot animation...HUH? Also he wasn't too ...um...articulate.

Good thing- Super Robot panel was loved despite.Many compliments.

And hosting the Masquerade...people apparently liked that.

Bad thing- Saturday dance sucked...course I may be biased. Beat never...and I mean Never changed. 10% of the people were dancing.It was depressing. We left after about 40 min.

Good thing- Fridays dance rocked! Greg and Andrew rule at mixing good music....and there was definite hotness on the floor.

Bad thing- Spending the better part of an hour getting lost around DC trying to go 10 miles to the Hard Rock Cafe...on directions from someone out of state.Wasting Gas in the FC....with a turbo.

Good stuff- Finaly getting to the Hard Rock. And partying with the staff....and friends. Oh and did I mention that we had the WHOLE Hard Rock cafe to ourselves? Both stories.....private party? With special H.R. T-shirts and pins to boot?Yeah......if you weren't there you can't get em...

Bad stuff- Arriving at said Hard Rock to find that we were so late that there were no seats save for a few scattered ones left.

Good stuff- The japanese guests asking us to sit with them and moving over to make room for us. Cause we're just cool.

Bad thi...Ok. I'm running out of bad stuff so just one more and then more good stuff.

Bad stuff- leaving on sunday...late.....like getting home at 4 am monday.

Good stuff- Leaving so late because of fun with voice actors and other stuff I can't talk about, being sworn to secrecy that I am.Let's just say you'd like to know.

Even more good stuff- The entire said Hard Rock crowd singing "Happy Birthday"...embarrased as I was.

The said japanese guests freaking out at their table when we showed up as Lupin and Jigen. Pictures and laughs for all.

Said guests signing my helmet. Long story. Those who know me will understand.

Said Guests singing "Happy Brithday" to me and having some of my 'Hockey Cake'

Seeing Merideth again.

Realizing my Japanese is passable in social situations with said guests.

Getting a Turbo, cell frames, Toys and licorice for my birthday.

Uhg....I don't know where to start..yeah, It was a good weekend.

I'm gonna leave it at that so I don't get any more death threats now.

When we called ourselves the 'Family' we all had super powers , mine was the ability to 'Wow any Japanese guest born west of the Pacific'....

I love my luck.

Resistance is FUTILE!!!

Neo-Vader III

'It's Snow White ... and it's fanfic ... it's a Snow White fanfic ...' by Kara
Tuesday, February 21, 2006 at 9:09 AM

Hm, okay ... should have said this yesterday on ConScrew. Go read Fragile Gravity this week. Actually, hop back a few days. Once again, CS and FG are crossing over. But this time (since CS is in the midst of a story), it's all on FG's site. So Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday (in addition to their MWF), you get extra comics by me ...

And here I was complaining about nine-comic weeks ... (Although, no, this is fun. I like drawing with/for Unseen.)

So, new stuff I've been about - been awhile since I've done anime reviews:

Chouja Reideen: Up to Ep. 5 on this (that's all that's out so far). It's really not that horrendous a show. Five pretty-boys fight evil, with the title of a super robot show slapped on - a formula for disaster, but when you can't sleep, it kinda does the trick. As the Co-Writer Emeritus said, 'It's like licking the frosting off a cupcake and not actually eating the cupcake itself.' From the girly standpoint, I'm all on Ginga (the slightly-less-bishounen samurai). On the opposite end of the spectrum, little cute-gay-boy Hayate needs to go back to Gravitation where he belongs.

Akahori Gedou Hour Love-Ge: It's my new Wrong Show. It's two episodes per show (15 minutes each) that tend to cross over. Pair of BGC/Dirty Pair/I-have-no-idea heroines (Love Pheromone) end up doing bad things, and five little evil girls (Gedou Otome Tai) turn out to be good guys. Two main reasons to watch: Seki Tomokazu as himself playing a wannabe superhero, and a tiny girl saying 'Let's become the ultimate evil!!! ^-^v '

Daddy Long Legs: It's an anime based on a Fred Astaire musical. I feel no need to explain myself.

Cinderella Boy: Reatching this (I marathoned this during a period of unemployment). Started because it was Monkey Punch, kept on because it was fscked up. I've started referring to it affectionately as Lupin 1/2. Let your imagination run wild from there.

Papillon Rose New Series: I have an attachment to this show (not surprisingly). There are parts of the TV version I'm not keen on (like Cosmos not making the cut), but there are some interesting bits (Koyasu as Torakage, which is much better than Koyasu as Dandylion). Watching this raw - Anime-Classic is still waffling on whether we'll do this.

There are others, but I've already gone on too long. If you have been, save me some.

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