I just do what my Potatos tell me to... by Rob
Friday, January 6, 2006 at 6:04 PM

Ok...so now that we've established im not as good and timely with rants as Kara is *plus I have no computer access at work so I can't do that while Im supposed to be working* I'll be breif, since it's almost tomorrow...er...saturday.

Feels like I'm coming down with something...hope it doesnt interfere with the plans for the weekend...but we'll see. Lots of costume work to do in time for Katsucon *google it if you don't know!!* and I just worked 48 hours this week....and I got paid 8 for Sunday...so this check will rock...perhaps a suspension is in order? *For the car that is...*

More later.

Resisitance is FUTILE!

Neo-Vader III

'Good to see that we can come to a nice mature underst- ... oh.' by Kara
Thursday, January 5, 2006 at 7:05 AM

Oh yeah, baby. Hit that voting button.

Bottom of the Webcomics Top 100 list is about, oh, 519 or so. It's been two days since the first comic went up, and we're now in the top 200 (nearly the top 150) at the time of my writing this rant. Which means we've gone up approximately eight spots every hour. If you lot keep this up, we're actually going to be in the Top 100 by this weekend, with only two or three pages running. No pressure, right?

Okay, well, just for that, I'm going to rush the incentive artwork and get it done this weekend or a little before. Got a nice thing I sketched over Christmas, and while it's of a character who hasn't actually arrived yet, I think it should be liked. (Of course, we've so far only seen the back of one recurring character's head. Don't worry, that'll change on Saturday.)

Work at the moment is like a three-ring circus. Big stuff just happened, and I'm writing press releases on it. I'm starting to see the advantages of possibly taking a 'mental health' day. I know I won't, seeing as I'm hoarding my vacation/sick hours, and also seeing as I'm probably kind of needed right now.

And yes, I know. I suffer from a total inability to draw men looking even remotely masculine. Much like CLAMP. Believe me, I'm working on it.

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