"I've taken special photographs of Mazinga 7 wich I'll put into our X-Ray machine" by Rob
Thursday, February 9, 2006 at 9:27 PM

Well, now that I've hurt my wrist on Guitar Hero, I'll write something short

It's an amazing game...Tycho of Penny Arcade was so right when he assesed its learning curve. It REALLY feels like you're making music...and if you fail, you feel compeled to continue till you get it right. But continuing untill your fingers no longer can hold a fret down is a mistake. They even tell you to take breaks in between stages *the sage advice form the 'Amp' that goes to 11 should not be ignored in ANY case!* because 'Rocking out is hard work'...

Tell that to Dire Straits.

I think I've got a blister on my little finger....Maybe a blister on my thumb.

I really should work on some of the other damn games I own that I've been putting off since this game came out.

Resistance is FUTILE!!!

Neo-Vader III

'Let's get stoned and read Geoffrey of Monmouth!' by Kara
Thursday, February 9, 2006 at 9:20 AM

This was a fun page. Panels 3 and 8, I'm happiest with. I'm also happy with the new main splash page.

You don't understand. Being even remotely pleased with my art is something of a rarity. So, hurrah for me.

Ever since dredging up so much Arthurian stuff thematically, I've really wanted to find a lot of my old books and have another serious read over them. Yvain was a fun one - horses getting chopped in half by castle gates and such. And the original Perceval/Parsifal story.

RED KNIGHT: Hey, Percy, you're a hick dork.

PERCEVAL: Am not! I'm gonna be a knight!... um, but do you know how I'd go about that?

RK: Sure, ride right into that castle and tell Arthur.

PERCY: Yo, king-dude! Make me a knight, pronto!


ARTHUR: Heh heh, you rock. For that, I'm gonna knight you. And you're gonna get some serious gold bling armour.

PERCY: Fsck that! I want red armour like that dumbass outside.


BORS: Sure, you can have it. Go outside and ask him for it.

PERCY: Okay!

ARTHUR: Bors, you cock.

BORS: What, it's funny!

PERCY: Yo, knight! Gimme your armour!

RK: Hahahaha, you'll hafta kill me first!

PERCY: *does*

ARTHUR: Punk rock, dude.

I should be allowed to do more translations. Imaging what I could do with the Merlin Vulgate.

If you have been, cover it up.

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