Thursday, March 9, 2006 at 10:37 PM

Hey....I filled my hard drive today.

I FILLED my hard drive today. That's never happened before. I guess that's what happens when you donwload 7 Gigs of 'Space Above and beyond' the TV series. And 6 Gigs of art. I really need to curtail my Bit-torrenting.

It was so bad that I couldn't even burn stuff to CD so to make space for the rest of it....there wasn't enough memory. Yikes.

I'm listening to Anime World Orders podcasts now...I like what I'm hearing. So far these people impress me because they know their stuff.

They mention shows that when I talk about them to others they kinda get the 'Doing my Taxes in my head' look, meaning they have no clue what I'm talking about.

More people need to watch 'Detroit rock City', that movie Rocks....no pun intended.

I had a hard time with some bosses in FFX...yeah I'm so behind.

El-chans cat is in heat. It keeps me up. I don't hate cats....but I'm about to throw her against the wall...at full force. Just to shut her up.

I can't wait to ride this year...

Resistance is FUTILE!!!

Neo-Vader III

'Is he gathering two of every animal?' 'Two of every banana, I think ...' by Kara
Thursday, March 9, 2006 at 8:45 AM

I made a quiz at work about Arthurian mess. I've already talked about some of this stuff on here and the forum ... you should at least get the last one right.

Tali's so cute in the fifth panel, and it was completely unintentional ... I kinda like this page for the most part ... Tali popping out of the bushes, Gwen in the swivel chair in class, and Gwen without her glasses for the first time ever (outside of concept art). Rejoice.

Busch Gardens opens very soon. Very, very soon. I never used to care much about it because I've always lived a half hour or less from it, but once I got to college I cared. Because my friend Donnie busted my fear of roller coasters into oblivion a few years back - loved 'em ever since (thank you, Alpengeist). Also, the Co-Writer with the Bluest Liver runs the whole damn park by herself does tech there now. So I occasionally pop in at the end of the day and/or on drizzly days to ride things when the lines are short - or just to sit and eat those potatoes in Ireland that they dump stew on. More fun to go for a proper long day, though, and finally I'll start getting to again. Two weekends from now, I get to start abusing my season's pass once again.

Although it's no longer Busch Gardens Williamsburg ... it's Busch Gardens Europe now. Because Williamsburg was actually annexed by Poland last October. Didn't know that, did you?

If you have been, leave me out of it.

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