Caryons taste like PURPLE! by Rob
Thursday, January 26, 2006 at 6:45 PM asked for it there will be another DTT as soon as its lettered.

I have to work this saturday....I'll be looking forward to sleeping in on sunday since I havent gotten much this week.

Saw a car catch on fire near work I'm really searching for something to rant about aren't I?

In all honesty, I'm anxious to get the Tech section on the site up and working, so we can showcase some of the funky tech thats coming...oh it's me.

Now if you'll excuse me...I have a bone to pick with the Neo-Tech society for stealing my moniker....the nerve to send me a letter about it too!

Resistance is FUITLE!!!

Neo-Vader III

'Use puppies to seal the drafty cracks under doors and around windows.' by Kara
Thursday, January 26, 2006 at 8:35 AM

I hope everyone's having a wonderful time today. I know Optimus Prime is!

Here we have the introduction of yet another character. Yeah, the one you've been seeing in the incentive pic there for awhile. Amano Reika. Little Miss Name-Reference. (As if the other characters don't have that going for them.) I was about to type up a huge explanation, but I'd actually be interested to see if anyone here can figure it out for themselves. Here's a few clues:

1. Her surname and given name each come from a different anime character.

2. Both characters are from older (1980s and back) series.

3. The character who supplies her surname is based on the character who supplies her given name.

God, I will be so impressed if anyone figures that out. Tell you what - if you actually know and aren't a friend of ours who's heard us going on and on about these shows, post it to the forum and I'll send you a sketch or something. (Emphasis on the 'or something.') Anime-Classic guys and girls will probably have an unfair advantage here.

Yeah, you know, even I'm looking forward to more DTT. I should prolly lend The Co-Writer with the Longest Hair some of my own little bizarrities. I've already depicted Princess Tutu with the Goldion Hammer once ... God only knows what he'd do.

If you have been, be a little quieter.

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