The first set is art that I've done to do with the comic; the second set is fanart. If you have some fanworks, I'd love to see them! Send them along to emmychanATconscrewDOTcom . You can see my NonScrew art, and commission art from me, over at my art site.

Original Art

Emmy and Mona pinup Adrian and Hiru watch the sakura A monochrome sketch of Emmy A monochrome sketch of Mimi Coloured Hiru sketch Emmy and Mimi in the snow Old, chunky pic of Hiru Adult Gavin Mimi and Gavin looking rather 'Rose of Versailles' Rather cool pic of Emmy and Hiru Another pic of Emmy and Hiru Mimi with Adrian plushie Adrian looking all bishonen Emmy as a race queen Mimi in overalls Fangirl as a Slytherin Mimi at the beach Hiru at sunset Mona in a school uniform Emmy and Mimi in spring Emmy washing up ConScrew meets The Lounge

MAX Trades

ConScrew Badge -- by ATwu Ziggy -- by Xazz Emmy -- by Uno Emmy in kimono -- by Xenterex Emmy in kimono -- by Xenterex ConScrewCon08 -- by A. Twu The Magical Trucker Girls -- by Apocrypha Hiru in a tree -- Caliglith Darcy -- F.K. Huge group -- by A. Twu Mona and Emmy in poodle skirts -- by Kaede Mimi in St. Claire uniform -- by Reed Hawker Fangirl cosplays as Trucker Red -- by Dot Warner An extra-long-haired Hiru -- by Gunner


Emmy as Utena - by Nikkita Kuffner Hiru in the wind - by Silvanus Zero Ziggy raves - by Silvanus Zero Pirate Emmy - by Kami Gunzinger Adrian/Hiru - by Sionnain Goth Emmy - by John Joseco Mimi in racing gear - by Kthrin Emmy and Mimi cosplaying - by Emily Berg Emmy and Mimi - by Emily Berg Emmy - by Meg Eichler Adrian - by Meg Eichler Mimi - by Meg Eichler Emmy and doujin - by Shannon Granville Emmy in a plugsuit - edited by Kevin Dodgion The Screwvians as Eva pilots - from AnimeCafe Emmy in watercolour - by Nikkita Kuffner Emmy and Mimi - commissioned from Herman Brown Hiru 'protecting' Emmy - by Juliet Aiken Emmy as Meryl Strife in 3D - by Tamika ConScrew High School - by Emily Berg Emmy in London - by Kthrin Hiru's possible past - by Kthrin Emmy Bad and Hirustar Runner - by Tom the Fanboy The ConScrew Gals - by John Joseco Emmy, for the FragileScrew crossover - by Chris Impink Emmy as Lum - by Fory-san Emmy as Darkury - by Shire

Upcoming Conventions:

Nekocon: 6-8 Nov 2015

Katsucon: 12-14 Feb 2016

MAGFest: 18-21 Feb 2016

(Re)Generation Who: 18-20 Mar 2016

RavenCon: 29 Apr-1 May 2016

Anime Mid-Atlantic: 17-19 Jun 2016

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