Emmy Nozomy: Having received her BA in theatre from the Jefferson Institute, Emmy is now working as a clerk at a toy store while attempting to break into voice acting. However, being a vigilante of justice at anime cons has set her back at bit. Her ability to take on the powers of any costume she wears has made her both famous and infamous at conventions across the country.
Adrian Ceiling: An amateur artist and animator hoping to make it big, Adrian is a master in his field of graphic design ... but not considered terribly strong otherwise. A surprising choice of boyfriend for the headstrong Emmy, he almost seems to be acting gimpy on purpose ...

Mimi Sinclair: Emmy's best friend since the two were knee-high to a DDR machine. Mimi is currently a freshman at the Jefferson Institute, and works part-time as a waitress at the Brass & Glass. Despite her willingness to jump on anything male in a heartbeat, she has a strong affection for Adrian that might not be as frivolous as it seems.
Setsumei Hiru: A scooter-riding, jeans-wearing, cell-phone-toting samurai, who makes no secret of the fact that he's full of secrets. He also makes no secret of the fact that he is in love with Emmy, but for some odd reason will not fight Adrian for her yet. His material possessions consist of his trusty sword, one duffel bag, and the clothes on his back -- including his 'NEKO' jacket, which he is rarely seen without.

Mona Darling: Mona's motto is '"Can't" isn't a word for staffers,' and it's certainly true in her case. This Glidepath native and her boyfriend can be seen at conventions around the East Coast, holding disaster-ridden cons together at the seams and doing whatever's possible to keep Emmy's heroics from causing too much collateral damage.
Ziggy Crawford: Status -- perpetually drunk. Ziggy is one of the nicest people you'll ever meet, but he probably won't remember having met you. He spends the majority of his time being propped up by his girlfriend Mona, and despite the fact that he never seems to do anything he's supposed to, no one tends to mind.

Gavin Nozomy: Emmy's nephew from London, who is staying with his grandmother for an indefinite amount of time. Like his aunt, Gavin has the capacity to cause trouble -- although in his case, the weapon of choice is CCGs. He seems wise beyond his years, and very little gets to him ... with the possible exception of an innocent schoolboy crush on Mimi.
Fangirl: The nameless red-haired horror, driven by her hatred for Emmy and her thirst for attention. Fangirl has tried everything from becoming an evil tokusatsu villain to joining forces with megalomaniacal penguins to achieve her ends, but nothing seems to work. And no, she's still not legal.


Fanboy Cultists: A misguided group of fans in anime mascot masks, who are convinced that they can achieve inexplicable convention fame by sacrificing a virgin on their altar on the (theoretically) nonexistent fifth floor of the D-Con hotel. Needless to say, this doesn't go too well.
Walter: This nerdy fan discovered an 'ancient' tome telling of a great secret -- chicks dig guys dressed as Tuxedo Mask. Armed with this dangerous knowledge, he set out to take over StereotypiCon one girl at a time. In the end, of course, it was discovered that he wasn't for love and justice, after all.

Darcy 'Stilton' Cheesewright: A rich boy whose attempts to fix the AMV contest at TotleighCon were (eventually) foiled with the help of a tape recorder, a book of smutty drawings, and a Yami no Matsuei pachinko machine.
Lady Evil: After being hit in the head by a piece of an evil glowing meteor, congoer Aku Josei became an evil queen hellbent on destroying the Gotakurangers -- the impromptu sentai team comprised of our heroes. But even General Fangirl and the Chabra minions couldn't help her achieve world domination.

Aoi: Her desire for British citizenship has led her to do the unthinkable: attempt to marry a ten-year-old British boy. As far as she's concerned, her reasons are perfectly justified. Too bad she had to pick Gavin to mess with.
Isuka: A spirit who feeds on anger and jealousy, Isuka finds a veritable smorgasbord of emotion amongst Emmy's old enemies. Of course, this also means Emmy herself is an easy mark ... as well as the entirety of the convention she decides to explore.

The Midnight Skulker: In the alternate history of Melodrama, a small boy has taken it upon himself to terrorize Hollywood's sweetheart. But what could he possibly have to gain? After pulling pranks and trying to draw attention in ... well ... melodramatic ways, his plans become clear.
Subops: A brother and sister team, banned from giving out their true identities by the con staff from which they splintered. Now working on their own, the pair bring their own subversive brand of 'justice' to cons, sniffing out troublemakers on both sides of the law and getting them out of the way. Their true intentions, though, may not be so honourable as they pretend.

Carolyn: Yet another innocent bystander who somehow becomes a villain in Emmy's life -- however, this time, it's Emmy's fault. Carolyn was unfortunate enough to be the first to commission a costume from Emmy, which arrived with a lot more than she'd bargained for. Unwittingly fueled by Emmy's secondhand power, she wreaks havoc when all she wanted was a few photos.
The Frat Boys: These three gents were unfortunate enough to have a con land right in their backyard ... but they wouldn't take this insult lying down! Armed with one's girlfriend's petting zoo charges and another's chicken suit, the trio caused enough trouble to keep Adrian and the remaining staffers on their toes.

Fangirl's Mother: What do we know of her? We don't know her name ... we don't know what she looks like ... and we don't know why Fangirl hasn't seen her in so long. The question is ... how much does Fangirl herself know ...? (Probably more than we think; she's a clever girl, after all.)


Sarah: One of the first two girls to be hired as a waitress at St. Claire's Maid Cafe. Nervous and prone to clumsiness, Sarah has a fear of attention -- making her a strange choice for a cute waitress. Mimi believes she fills a particular moe nice ... and she's fairly easy to dress up.
Viv: Sarah's best friend, and the other of the original waitresses at St. Claire's. While not quite as jumpy as her friend, Viv makes up for it by being prone to sobbing fits when embarrassed. Mimi chose her in particular for her glasses and childlike nature, although it's difficult to calm her down if she spills something.

Mercedes: The "drink wench" at St. Claire's, Mercedes slogs through lunch hour serving soda and coffee in anticipation of starting her "real" job (bartender) when the dinner shift starts. Surprisingly patient, she can find her way calmly out of predicaments she probably shouldn't be able to.


Akai/Trucker Fuschia: The headstrong 'leader' of the Magical Trucker Girls, and newest member of her high school's student council. Loves racing (or at least pretending to), fighting, and being the centre of attention.
Midori/Trucker Evergreen: Her by-the-book thinking and deference to Student Council president Mizuko don't make working with Akai any easier. She considers herself the voice of reason in the group, but is more than likely just the most uptight.

Mizuko/Trucker Cerulean: The sweet, easygoing president of the Student Council. Midori's righteous anger doesn't phase her, and she finds Akai fun and interesting. Her level-headed nature may very well be what keeps the Trucker Girls' feet on the ground.
Shiro and Kuro: Two weird little angel/demon monkey-things from another dimension, who have come to our world to pick three girls to drive back an evil alien force. Shiro (the angel) spends most of the time keeping her brother Kuro in line ... looking after Akai is a picnic, comparatively.

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