Hey! Aren't you just ripping off Dramacon?!?!?
*sigh* I've moved this one to the top for obvious reasons. The answer is no. ConScrew started on 1 April 2001 and, except for a hiatus while I was on medical leave early in its run, has been going since then. I've not actually read Dramacon, but I've been told by people who have that the two comics have nothing in common. Thus, no one's ripping off anybody. And yes, the second volume of CS is called Con Drama, but the original proof was done before Dramacon hit the shelves. That mix-up, I can understand.

Who are you, and why should we care?
Kara Dennison, and you probably shouldn't. I'm the writer and artist of this little wank. If you've heard of me at all, you probably know me from conventions or my voice work. Or perhaps even from here.

Do you do all this by yourself?
I write and draw the comic myself -- I have co-writers on other projects and have collaborated with some of them on individual storylines within this, but of my many projects, this one is all mine. I also do my own site design, at least on this site. Chris Impink, besides publishing me, helps me with tetchy bits of php.

Why does this comic even exist?
At the time I started ConScrew, I was dating an artist, who encouraged me to improve my artwork. This comic was created solely for that reason, but ended up getting popular. I was about a year old in the congoing world at the time, so the whole thing was fairly new and exciting. Needless to say, my feelings on cons -- and the comic's -- have changed over the years.

Are the characters based on anyone?
They used to be. Emmy and Adrian were once myself and the aforementioned ex, but they've grown fairly far from their origins. Whatever there is left of me in Emmy, there's about as much in every other character. Mimi was an amalgam of people, Ziggy and Mona were invented by Ben Cooper as one-offs of Shigeru and Maya from Eva, and Fangirl was a one-shot characer who wouldn't die. Same for Hiru. Gavin was the purple-headed love-child of myself and my friend Ariel, discussing the behaviour of British children while we were somewhat drunk.

Why do you sometimes do serious storylines?
Because I like to. I don't think there's any sin in a webcomic being serious; on the contrary, the character development that arises from it is often worth the price of admission on its own. ConScrew isn't a gag-a-day comic, and so the characters end up developing personalities and doing things I don't expect them to. But don't count on ConScrew ever being totally dramatic ... otakudom is too silly for that.

Can I write a storyline for you?
Sorry, but I don't accept scripts. As I said, I occasionally team up with other writers and artists, but I prefer to choose for myself. If you ever want to draw a guest comic or some fanart, though, be my guest. ^_^

Can I commission you to do some art?
Yes, for a fee. Go to my art site for more information on how to make me sell out.

Will you draw my comic for me?
Christ, man. I draw like four other comics. I'll do a guest strip or two, certainly ... but I can't draw someone else's comic for them full-time.

Why does Emmy have a fang?
I'unno. Why not?

Want any cowriters for other comic projects?
No thanks. I have three, all of whom are people I trust because of their talent, commitment, and willingness to buy me food. If I ever do take on more comic projects, I tend to choose the writers myself, rather than choosing someone who comes to me.

No, you don't understand! I've got great ideas!
My no is a flat, universal 'no.' It's nothing personal, just the way it is.

Hey, I said something in the forum and it showed up in the comic! Did you get it from me? Does that mean you're paying special attention to me???
Erm, no. I write in advance. Odds are if you said something and it showed up in the comic a week later, you just made a good guess. Be proud of that.

Can I pay for my books in some way other than credit card?
At the moment, not unless you find me at a con. I don't want to encourage people to send cash in the mail, and I don't make enough sales to warrant getting a P.O. Box. (I hope you'll understand that I don't feel like giving out my home address. It's not you -- it's that kid who found my phone number and called me and freaked out crying.)

Your comic sucks! It's derivative, badly drawn, and uncreative. A blindfolded stoned monkey could make a better comic than you.
Yeah, you're prolly right.

Did I not answer your question? Drop me a line !

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