Blacklight * By Mich Allen and Kara Dennison

'Is it too much to ask for Amazon to learn telekinesis?' by Kara
Sunday, April 30, 2006 at 7:54 AM

So yesterday I availed myself of two things I've been wanting to see: RV and the third episode of this season of Doctor Who (Tennie season, that is).

The first, I saw out of fangirly devotion to Robin-sama. Honestly, it wasn't bad. The gross-out humour in some bits and the overblown physical gags didn't do it for me, but I'm also aware that this is our summertime take-our-kids-to-the-movies movie. And really, it was fun, and nice to see Robin-sama back in the mainstream after so long.

School Reunion? There are no words. Any true classic Who fan will be bawling. And those who aren't will most certainly want to become such now. Elisabeth Sladen's still got it, and while K-9 was used sparingly at best, what little he did do was great. I have so missed Sarah Jane.

Today is my aunt's first art show of the season, so I shower, freshen up, and then spend the day (or a decent portion of it) down there.

If you have been, you are the tin dog.

Gargoyles comic...again by Mich
Sunday, April 30, 2006 at 5:14 AM

Although this one is supposed to be in canon as opposed to the 11 that Marvel released back when...

Mmm, things have been a bit odd the past week or so. Fights at work and all that nonsense. Creating props for a show about Newton's Laws of Physics - a show of which is only an excuse to perform a few dances from One Last Jamm (which is, sadly, not coming back this year...yet)

And Monday should be interesting, if no one hears from me, I'm spending some quality time with the guy in my avatar ^_~

And hopefully Kara and I will be able to see each other, face to face, sometime soon, what with my insane schedule and all.

If you have been, reset the alarm.

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