Blacklight * By Mich Allen and Kara Dennison

'Aw, man, you lost Ben's Chinese mom!' by Kara
Sunday, April 23, 2006 at 3:31 PM

Okay, first off ... I know hedgehogs do not shoot their quills. We each own one. Hedgehogs are also not as large as people, nor are the commonly bright yellow. I think you see my point.

Secondly, I have no idea who those little twins are supposed to be.

When it came to the running of RavenCon, I was utterly pleased. The hotel staff were wonderful, the con staff fared similarly, the dealers' room was nice, and besides the fact that I seem to have lost my favourite 'I Hate My Self And I Want To Die' shirt in the process, the Luna-C show was much fun. Pictures of self and the Co-Writer with the Longest Hair from the Co-Writer with the Bluest Liver, and pictures from Mighty Publisher Lady of the same and the back of the Co-Writer with the Bluest Liver's head.

When it came to my health, not so pleased. I would've been happier if I could've spent more of my free time in an upright position.

I have three comics to spread my thoughts about this over, but I shall leave you with this thought: dressing up as a Blacklight character next RavenCon will make you cool. Try for Haplo.

If you have been, I can't really remember.

Hang the bastard by Mich
Sunday, April 23, 2006 at 9:00 AM

Ugh, the weather here has been playing merry hell on me. Low pressure systems really take me out, horrid migraines, and that seems to be what spring is turning into. Low pressure systems.

And you know what else they bring? Rain, and more specifically, thunderstorms. I like rain, when it rains, my head doesn't hurt as much, and thunderstorms are pretty, and fun to listen to....except when I have to work through one.

Popped by RavenCon. Most everything was closed when I got there, and non of the then occuring panels interested me much. But then I'm not really a huge Sci-Fi person. Pretty disappointed with the masquerade (specifically the number of entrants). The costumes that were there were pretty good actually, but only 6 entries? *shakes head* Tsk. Saw the Luna-C show. That was fun. Nearly got covered in tribble juice though...

Ah well, back to work. If you have been, enter next time.

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