Nth Degree

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So, why did you start this comic?
There was a call for new artists for Nth Degree, and I had no stand-alone gag comics to speak of. This was created solely so that I'd have the ability to tell one-shot jokes, and give myself a little mental/creative rest from my continuous comics.

Are Matt and Saru based on you and your boyfriend?
No - mainly because I'm single. (And that's not an invitation.) I'm quite a bit like Saru, but she certainly isn't based on me. Matt isn't based on anyone, even in part.

Why don't you put the comics on the site?
Because there were so many complaints requests, I do now. However, I would still appreciate it if you would support Nth Degree in print.

Why the anime/manga style?
It's just the way I learned to draw. I've tried other ways, and they all look rather pants, so this is what you get.

What the hell sort of name is Fanbreeding?
It's a play on 'inbreeding.' I thought it was clever at the time.

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