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We've gotten a lot of people writing in asking when certain books will be coming out. Rather than try to BS our way around it, we've decided to give our readers -- and customers -- the option of deciding!

How do we do that? Well, as some of you may know, the entirety of our printing costs are out-of-pocket. Anything that is made selling books or prints, as well as donation money, goes directly towards the next book or a reprint of a sold-out book. At the moment, there is zero profit. None of us even gets hamburger money out of this.

So, rather than asking when the next book comes out, why not put your money where your mouth is? If you donate, not only do you get a hi-res print-quality picture pertaining to the next book, you get to tell me what you want!

So how does this work? Simple. Just clicky the link below to drop me some money. It can be as much or as little as you like. But ... for every $10 you donate, you get one vote for what you'd like to see next. So if you donate $50, you can seriously up your chances of getting what you'd like to see next. Your choices for the next run:

ConScrew Vol. 4 -- 1 vote
Sticky Wicket Vol. 2 -- 1 vote
Blacklight Issue 2 -- 0 votes
Yuusha Hime Kalibourne Vol. 1 -- 0 votes

Got the hang of it? No? Well, donate and get some practical experience. ^_^ Also bear in mind that whichever ones goes next will have relevant donation art accompanying it.

Other ways to help:

Commissions: I'm more than happy to take commissions. At the moment, I'm happy to haggle, but once I get a feel for how much time each of these takes, I'll start setting prices. E-mail me to talk about it.

Buy Something: Everything from the store is, until further notice, going into the meter.

Donate for the hell of it: Click that button up there if you feel generous. I'll figure out something nice for you in return.


If I donate money, do I get a discount on the books?

    No ... sorry. That's the difference between donations and buying. If you'd rather have a book, buy a book. That money will go into the meter just the same. I'm never under the impression that people who don't have extra money should donate.

Man, seriously, if I had more money I'd TOTALLY do this.

    Look, I get this a lot, and I appreciate it. Good wishes are nice, but they can also be a little discouraging. I generally assume that people value our work enough to wish it well, even if they can't pay out of pocket for it.

Why the hell are you asking for money??? We're devoted fans! You should be giving us everything for free!!!

    Try getting a steak that way next time you go out for dinner. All four people who work on this site also work full-time jobs (and some work second jobs). We love what we do here, but it also takes a good chunk of our time. This site and everything in it takes me about 20 extra hours a week at the very least -- can't speak for the Co-Writers, but they put in tons of effort, too. It also takes money -- not only for printing, but also paying for space and bandwidth (which I've had to start paying double for recently, not that we don't appreciate the increased readership). The regular updates will always be free, but most of the extra content you'll see does take money.

Will you take suggestions for future wallpapers or other incentives?

    Send 'em to me and I'll consider 'em. It's not a contest -- you don't 'win' if I pick yours. It's just a good way to gauge what characters people really want to have on their desktop ... so if I get an overwhelming request for something in particular one month, I'll do it.

Is there any way I can help you that doesn't involve money?

    In an ideal world, yes. But beyond linking the comics and recommending them to friends, there's not much else that can be done to that extent. Well, and to keep reading, because even though money is needed to get things done, we need our readers, too. So thanks, whether you can help or not, simply for reading along and considering.

Currently paying off: ConScrew 3 printing costs.