Blacklight * By Mich Allen and Kara Dennison

So, um, people have been asking me how I met Haplo and why he puts up with me.

Haplo stumbled upon me one day, literally. I had been working magic for awhile. Well sort of, my powers tended to scare me. They still do actually. Anyways, the Guinea Pigs hadnít taken over yet, there wasnít any sort of evil creature looming over us, but there were always the dangers travelling through the less civilised areas. I happened to stumble into a bee hive, got covered in honey, which attracted a bear.

Bee stings arenít so bad in the face of a hungry bear. At any rate, I ran, what would you have done? Haplo has pointed out that I probably could have attacked it, but I doubt my magic was that strong then, and besides, I just healed things when I did use my magic. Besides, even if I could heal myself I donít think I could bring myself back to life at that point.

Honey dripping into eyes made it very hard to see where I was going and I, well, tripped. Thatís when Haplo came across me. He mustíve gotten rid of the bear because it wasnít there when he yanked me up to my feet. He was in pretty bad shape, but he looked pretty powerful.

ďYouíre a healer arenít you? Arenít you going to heal me?Ē

Oh, right. Strong, scary, powerful elf injured, I should heal him I guess. I mustíve been pretty thorough, he looked a bit surprised. He then claimed he was on a quest for something and demanded I join him. He was really scary, and I didnít want to get him mad at me, so I did. And really, thatís that.

I donít really remember the quest that he dragged me on. I think it might have had something to do with


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