"Yeah...he looks like Gino...A RETARDED GINO!" by Rob
Thursday, March 2, 2006 at 5:32 PM

Yes mother...I hear you down there...stop yelling up to my room, I HATE it when you do that!

Much contrary to what she says I am doing much better. Meds working well now so the only problems are shortness of breath on occasion. I may not be well enough to do something this weekend, but you'd better watch out next weekend!

*wags finger*

As for Anime news on my front...the unspeakable has happened and I'm torn in so many directions because of it.

Saint Seiyas Hades chapter is back on and running. 1 & 2 are out as we speak.They call it 'Inferno' *for good reason...they are actually in hell!*

and its the second half of what was the Hades chapter 'Sanctuary'.Funny enough , that one happened in Sanctuary...go figure.

I'm extatic that it's being finished *and I do mean FINISHED* because it's been hanging for soooo long. This is where the manga ended after the anime stopped.

I started the opening once it finished downloading and was caught a bit off guard by the song. Not that it's bad, just a radical switch from the mournfull lamenting of Sanctuarys 'Chikyuugi'. It's got that Saint Seiya panache you'd expect.

Then the show started.

It seems the budget was spent on the entire Sanctuary chapter....cause it's really stretched here. Not that it looks bad, just more like the TV series than the first half did, flat and less 3d than the first half...wich was soooooo pretty. It's almost like you can see the animators saying stuff like 'We don't have to move anything but his lips...right?'. Ok let's do that then and save it for the action.

I was okay with it...but then the horrible event happened that shook me up for real. The characters opened their mouths.

These aren't the saints I know. Seiya, Shun and Hyoga all sound different. They are. No mistake. Seiya is all off, Shun sounds more like a whiny girl than a boy...even more so than before. Shiryu seems the only one of the main 5 that sounds untouched yet(and his original voice actor died after the TV series, so it wasn't even that original one). How is it that they could get all the originals for the first half...and not a year later...poof!? Gone!

This hurt like nothing else. I've grown on this show for over 10 years...yep thats right...that's how long I've been following it. 114 episodes, 4 *now 5* movies, and the 13 eps of Hades...all the same voices....and now...its like getting someone else to play Homer Simpson....just doesn't work you know?

I'm depressed now, I thought some things were still sacred in anime....whatever it is they wanted to be paid...or contracted to do...you should have done it...so close to the end.

*sigh* Next you'll tell me theres a Gunbuster sequel that has nothing to do with the original....

Resistance of the 20 year old show going south is ...futile.

Neo-Vader III

'No more buttered scones for me, mater, I'm off to play the grand piano!' by Kara
Thursday, March 2, 2006 at 8:11 AM

ANNOYING: I almost got sideswiped by some fortysomething woman talking away on her cell this morning.

ENTERTAINING: Driving along in Goldymarg (my bulky little gold station wagon), right as 'Let's Final Fusion' came on, I looked over and saw that I was keeping pace with a train on my left. Quite a bit junkier than Liner Gao, but the amusement still remains.


Now let me tell you something about the fellow who is (or eventually will be) up there between myself and the comic. This guy fusses at me for wearing myself out and/or 'not eating enough.' (Based upon his own information, which is spurious! Hmph.) And yet here he is, talking about going to work and completely punking himself, and if I fuss at him, he's 'fine' or 'getting better.' Tsk. Next he'll be telling me he doesn't want to go on the cart. At least he went to the doctor - that surprised me. Good for him, though. He gets a cookie, once I think he can keep it down.

Once in awhile, I find these things online that I just have to pass around. Order of the day: The Wilhelm Scream. This was a stock sound effect used in a movie called Distant Drums, and was used and abused in several subsequent films. The Skywalker guys found it ... and ever since Star Wars, it's been in everything. There's a list or two on that link up there, but something tells me it's nowhere near comprehensive. Once you hear it, though, you'll recognise it everywhere. I'm amused.

If you have been, don't waste it.

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