Decisions, decisions... by Shannon
Saturday, January 7, 2006 at 3:53 PM

And so we have a decision. Perhaps you might think that Jane's reading a little too far into the future here, and being overly pessimistic about it to boot, but all things considered I don't think that she could have made any other decision.

We're drawing near to the end of the story, and in a few days you'll see that there's one more little problem for our hero(in)es to consider. It's a thought that occurred to me some time ago -- the last three pages of Wicket have been ready for several months now. You'll see soon enough what the concern will be...and chances are, is isn't what you might think.

'But the question remains ... IS it made of lemon juice?' by Kara
Saturday, January 7, 2006 at 8:37 AM

Woohoo, busy day. Starting it off right, by giving you your comic and rant. Enjoy.

I love how Jane gets to make the decision here, although it's pretty certain that Liz would do the same. If Jane wasn't sure she knew what Liz would want, she wouldn't really have done anything. But when you think as much alike as they do, these things are kind of a given.

There are now five more pages of Wicket left. The last day will be on the 24th. What will we do with the space after that, while we're getting the books organised? I've considered doing a rerun a la Queen of Wands, or possibly tossing up sketches, book cover previews, etc. At any rate, whatever we do, it's not going to be something that eats into the comic-updating time, because I honestly can't do that. Not while picking up with Kalibourne (which is now on its third page). Still, we're gonna put something here to tide you over, so no fear.

Speaking of tiding over, I think I'm gonna need breakfast. Zoom.

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