'Turkey? Beef? Turkey? Gobble gobble ...' by Kara
Tuesday, November 29, 2005 at 6:44 AM

I'm really enjoying drawing Charlotte in her new outfit. I'm thinking of doing some special art/prints/etc. of it - with and without overcoat. Also, would die seven times if someone cosplayed as her. (Actually, if someone cosplayed as any of our characters.)

But yes. Charlotte's right. Things are moving along speedily from here. So look out. There'll prolly be a little overlap between this and Kali right at the end/beginning, so that'll be entertaining for me. I'll happily manage, though.

Oh, yes. Speaking of - the Yuusha Hime Kalibourne site is up and running! The information part of the site is fairly bare bones at the moment (on purpose - we don't want to show our whole hand quite so soon), but content will trickle in over the course of the next month, and it starts on 3 January. Until Wicket is done, there'll be two comics on Tues/Sat, but that should only be for a bit of time.

In the land of other things, I dropped a heavy wooden cutting board on my foot last night (not on purpose, arsehats), so I'm gonna be a bit limpy today. Feel free to point and laugh.

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