'And mommy writes e-ro-ti-ca.' by Kara
Saturday, October 29, 2005 at 12:41 AM

Time marches on, and Jane is a Drama Queen. I don't know as I'd do this in a Victorian court. I don't know if I'd do this in a modern court. Then again, I'm hoping I don't ever get into this sort of sitch to begin with.

Actual news? Sadly, not much to be had on my end. There are some new Christmas Invasion pics coming out slowly but surely, and I'm going to see about getting them scanned in when I can actually get my own hands on them. (Many are with friends at the moment - which is fair, seeing as they're their mags.)

Apropos of nothing, a Japanese artist in Cardiff has been paid to get drunk and fall off a beam. As co-writer says, 'Like anyone needs to encourage the Welsh to drink.'

'There is nothing quite as wonderful as money...' by Shannon
Saturday, October 29, 2005 at 12:34 AM

That Jane. Talk about a sense of timing. (And we haven't even reached the juicy bit yet.)

As an interesting little link for the readers, I thought I'd post a website that I've found very useful for research and writing -- 'How Much Is That Worth Today? (in British Pounds)'. Because of inflation and currency fluctuations and other economic-type things that make my eyes cross, the value of currency has changed a good deal over the centuries. This website helps you calculate how the cost of something back in, say, 1895 would relate to the cost of something in another year.

Ex: 5 0s 0d in 1895 = 352.95 in 2002.

Wow. And here I thought that today's exchange rates were wince-worthy. (Well, they are, but still.) Anyway, go have fun with figures.

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