Ghoulish? Perhaps. by Shannon
Tuesday, October 18, 2005 at 11:54 AM

Most Wicket readers are aware that sodomy was a crime punishable by death in Britain, back in pre-modern times. But have you ever been curious about what else was involved in the British system of capital punishment, in the old days when theft of a pocket watch meant either hanging or being shipped off to Australia (or even Virginia)? Or for that matter, in modern times, right up until the 1960s when capital punishment was finally abolished in Britain?

The Capital Punishment UK website is quite possibly the most comprehensive page of its kind that I've ever come across. The specific stories are really fascinating, and include the case of Lawrence Shirley, the fourth Earl Ferrers, who apparently has the 'honour' of being the last British peer of the realm to be hanged as a common criminal. (Though he shelled out extra money to hire a coach to take him to the gallows at Tyburn, instead of being carted through the streets with the other criminals.) And the website isn't confined to examining UK cases -- there are several charts which monitor executions being conducted around the world.

This is probably not the sort of website to persue before you go to bed at night.

'They're canon, but we're OTP.' by Kara
Tuesday, October 18, 2005 at 12:24 AM

Humphrey has discovered that he can turn his little fleece 'hat' (the thing he hides under) upside-down. I think I taught him that inadvertently when I was cleaning his cage yesterday morning. Went out for the evening, came back, and he'd upended it and was sleeping under his wheel instead.

Much like his comic namesake, he's being a little retard. He's got a fascination with jeans - not sure if it's jeans in general, or mine especially. He's tried to eat them and dig through them. So I finally let him go at the cuff of one of my older pairs. After trying to drag the whole apparatus into his cage, he got bored of it, and now he doesn't attack the ones I'm wearing anymore, either.

I'm starting to compile things for the books of Wicket - it'll be in two volumes. We're gonna be talking about extra materials for the books when we both actually remember and aren't gossiping as soon as our schedules allow for it. A lot of you've offered suggestions, which is very cool. Vol. 2, to fill space, will have more extra material than Vol. 1. Also, don't expect either of these for awhile. I'm still bashing together ConScrew 2 and 3.

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