Frequently Asked Questions

How often will we get new cards?

I try to do a new card every month, and then toss extra ones in for special occasions, conventions, or what have you. So ... once a month plus.

Do you take commissions?

Sure! I'll design a custom card for you. Just head over to the store and order 'em. You'll get three cards of your own.

Can I design a card for your deck?

I don't take unsolicited designs, and I tend to come up with these myself. Also, it bears mentioning that if you commission a card, I won't be throwing them into the mix of cards I sell. Those are yours and yours alone.

How do you pick random cards?

Shove my hand in a box full of cards.

What if I want a specific card?

I realised people might want to be able to pick and choose, so I've put an option for that in the store. At the moment it costs the same as getting random cards, but depending on how popular certain cards are, I may end up pricing them individually.

Making a Race Queen

Many of the designs you see on this page are based on older designs I took from fanart. The girls themselves are original designs, but I've 'imported' the outfits and colour schemes from older art. With the creation of the girls themselves, I've given them names and stats on each card. More often than not each month, holiday, and convention has its own special girl who gets new outfits from year to year. So if you like one in particular, odds are you will see her again!

The naming and stats? Just a fun little thing between my friends and myself. I hope you enjoy the little extra bit of 'personality' we're adding to the girls ... maybe you'll even get a favourite!

If you have a suggestion for a holiday or event we're missing that we should have, be sure to let us know. I don't do cards for conventions I don't attend, but if there's something fairly widespread I'm missing, I will certainly take it into consideration.