Commission a Card!

What will you draw?

Anything! Fanart, your original character, a portrait of you or a friend, or just a new girl specifically for you.

Is there anything you won't draw?

While I do draw skimpy outfits, I will not depict nudity or anything graphic. These are just pin-ups.

Do I get actual cards?

Yep, you will get three actual physical cards of your own. Hang on to them or give copies to friends -- just don't resell them, obviously.

Will these be sold on the site?

Nope. These are yours and yours alone. We design all our own cards, so you won't be seeing any of your designs for sale. That means you've got a one-of-a-kind card!

What if I want more copies?

We can work out a price for extra copies once you're sure you've got what you want. As I said, these cards aren't for resale, so any extra cards would be for your own collection or giving away to friends.

So how do we do this?

It's simple! Hop over to the store and put in your order. Once your order is in, I'll send you an e-mail and we'll get to work. You can pick the character, colours, and general design, and we'll work together to make sure you've got the perfect card for you.

Be ready to send along a reference or two so I can get the character exactly right. You don't have to design a full outfit -- you can just give me a general idea of what you're looking for -- but if you have anything in mind, send that along, too!

The back of the card is yours to design, too. Give us the name and information, and you'll get stats on the back of the card -- just like our other race queens. And if you're short on ideas, we can fill in the blanks. Before long, you'll have a complete card of your very own!