Collections of webcomics, direct-to-print content, and occasionally some spare special-edition runs from conventions (if there are any leftovers).
cs_book1.jpg ConScrew Vol. 1: Cosplay is War
Features the first four ConScrew storylines, as well as new art and a special storyline available only in print.
Price: $15.00
cs_book2.jpg ConScrew Vol. 2: Con Drama
Features four storylines from the webcomic, new art, and a special print-only story featuring Adrian.
Price: $15.00
cs12.png ConScrew Vols. 1 and 2
Purchase both 'Cosplay Is War' and 'Con Drama' together and save $5!
Price: $25.00
wicket_book1.png Sticky Wicket Vol. 1: Caught Out
The first half of the Sticky Wicket webcomic, with end notes, character sketches, and 'Jane and Liz's Guide to Victorian London.'
Price: $12.00
ss_intervention.png Seraph Shell: Intervention 2010 Special
A full-colour 11-page special edition comic, originally printed for InterventionCon 2010 as a preview to the webcomic 'Seraph Shell.' These will not be reprinted once they've run out, so grab a copy while you can!
Price: $3.00